What are the advantages of PVC Drawer Eyelash Box?


False eyelashes are artificial eyelashes used to beautify the eyes. Generally, by lengthening and thickening the eyelashes, the eyes will look bigger, brighter, fuller and more energetic. False eyelashes have a long history. Records of false eyelashes can be found in ancient Egyptian and Roman documents as early as 2000 BC. The materials used to make false eyelashes include plastic, cotton, feathers and other materials, and the effects (such as exaggerated stage effects) displayed by false eyelashes made of different materials are also different.

When false eyelashes are used, they are generally placed in the packaging box. Traditional packaging boxes only place eyelashes in the box, and do not have the function of fixing the false eyelashes, which leads to the false eyelashes easily scattered and not easy to use. In order to solve the above problems, a packaging box for false eyelashes is proposed.

A kind of PVC Drawer Eyelash Box is provided to solve the problem that the false eyelashes are easy to be scattered and not easy to use because the traditional packaging box simply places the eyelashes in the box and does not have the function of fixing the false eyelashes.

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